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The Fruits of Our Labour!

What Do You Get When You Put Six Ducks In a Box?

There is duck boxes and then there are hen houses. While a duck box gets installed in a tree, hen houses get installed on the water. Duck boxes are for cavity nesters like Wood Duck and Mergansers. While hen houses are for Mallard Duck and these ingenious houses provide shelter, nesting materials, and protection for mother ducks and her eggs from predators like fox, raccoon, crow, skunk, and mink, at least until they hatch as ducklings and are ready to swim.

In March 2020 the Eastern Flight Delta Waterfowl Chapter offered to install two waterfowl hen houses on Hyde Pond for the mallard ducks. The houses will be monitored for nesters, eggs, and ducklings over the next year. Sometimes it can take two years until a hen decides to use the house. So let’s be keeping an eye out for a nest later in the spring! Will you keep us updated if you see any activity in them? If you do get curious, use a pair of binoculars to see into the house, but please do not disturb the nesting area as you will scare the nester away!

The Eastern Flight Delta Chapter members are waterfowl hunters that support, and deliver, conservation initiatives like these to give back to the waterfowl population. Learn more about the PEI Eastern Flight Delta Chapter, or you have an idea for waterfowl conservation activity please visit

For Information on Hen houses visit

Join us for our monthly meetings!

The Cornwall and Area Watershed Group invites you to join us at our monthly meetings! When: second Wednesday of the month, from 7 to 8 pm Where: Cornwall Town Hall community room Who: All are welcomed! Please check out our Facebook page for cancellations.

So What Do You Get When You Put Six Ducks In a Box?

…A Box of Quakers Of course!!hahaha

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